Introducing an IMCP-recognized Business Coaching Program by Think Meta
Introducing an IMCP-recognized Business Coaching Program
by Think Meta
Become a business coach that awakens the CEO within business owners
Join the only program of its kind that teaches you how to rewire company leaders so that they become legendary CEOs.

Have you ever noticed

what it is like to be in the presence of charismatic leaders with a proven track record?
It feels like they have an absolute…
  • Confidence
  • ​Clarity
  • ​Certainty
  • ​Compassion
  • ​Power
  • ​Integrity
  • ​Focus
  • ​Competence
The list can go on and on.

What they have can be called a "mind of a CEO"

Their mind

works like a shield that blocks out fears, self-criticism, confusion, doubts, and weaknesses that prevent most people from accomplishing their dreams. 
makes them contrarian thinkers.
They tend to see life differently and accomplish what might be impossible for others.
It is not magic
There's nothing magical or manipulative about it.

These people don't fake it to make it.

They are simply visionaries with a tremendous amount of self-control and self-awareness. 

However, there is a trick. All the CEOs used a specific process to train their minds to become like this.
And this is the essence of real business coaching. 

That is what you need to give to your client as a business coach.
It is your responsibility to help your clients awaken their inner CEOs.

“The Catalyst”

The first official business coaching program by Think Meta.
Become a highly skilled and sought-after business coach
Whether you want to become a highly sought-after business coach, build a thriving career within your organization, or take your own business to new heights as a CEO - this program will help.

It’s a deep-dive training that will first transform you so that you become able to turn an average business owner into a visionary, motivator, and legendary thinker.

Who is this program for?

Executives and Business Owners
who want to start a new business or make a breakthrough in an existing one. You’ll learn how to awaken your inner CEO and make the right decisions to scale your business fast.
Coaches, Mentors, or Consultants
who want to become a sought-after business coach. You get the tools to work effectively with managers and business owners.
Managers and Leaders
who want to help companies thrive in chaos and build resilience in a world of increasing uncertainty. You will become a more effective leader and consistently deliver results.
Here is what you will be able to do after the program
You see, we believe in being a product of your product. If you do not know how to think like a CEO, how can you coach others into it?

You can only give to others what you have yourself.
Here is what will happen to you:
  • You will become calmer and will project yourself as stronger
  • ​You will develop a strong propensity for action and tremendous self-confidence
  • ​You will gain full command over your mind
  • ​You will feel what it is like to be surrounded by people who are CEOs themselves
Module 1.

Seeing through

Learn how to assess personality profiles, determine your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your clients, and see which innate features you should rely on to improve the quality of your life.
Module 2.

Redesigning cognition

Learn to identify the behavioral strategies of your clients with 90% accuracy. Also, learn to help them improve their life by working with what causes them suffering and hinders growth.
Module 3.

The art of impossibility

Understand how factual thinking works with examples of the most common thoughts and reasons for business owner inaction. Learn to use your emotions as a compass to achieve impossible goals.


4-hour practical workshop with Mikhail Saidov “C-flow”,
that would completely change the way you think about your productivity.

Learn the unique techniques of Mikhail Saidov, which will teach you how to work without procrastination and without relying on your willpower and how not to do what you do not want to do! You will see that you can work 3 days a week and still grow exponentially.

24 hours only

Business session scripts.
6 scripts for client management within three months - from the first contact with a potential client to coaching work already in a 3-month paid contract.

Study the route, guide the client along it and earn your first money in business coaching.
Meet your instructor

Mikhail Saidov

  • ​Multiple 8-figure businesses in the US and EU
  • MBA, MSc in Economics, MA in International Relations
  • 4000+ coaching sessions per month
  • ​Authored 2 books and 20+ coaching programs
  • Founded IMCP (The Institute of Metacognitive Programming)

About Think Meta

  • Are the largest coaching company in Europe
  • ​Are on track to become the largest coaching company in the USA by 2025
  • ​Operate in 26 languages in 52 Countries
  • ​Have certified over 500 MetaCognitive Coaches
  • ​Complete about 50000 individual coaching sessions a year
  • ​Facilitate over 5000 group coaching sessions a year

The program starts in 2023

Leave your details in the form below, and we’ll add you to our waiting list. You will be the first to know when enrollment for the Catalyst program begins. You will also receive a special offer from us.

What if…

I have no coaching experience and psychological education
The lack of formal education in psychology or the lack of experience in coaching does not really matter. The material is so different from what is taught in other programs that, even if you have previous knowledge and experience, you have nothing to associate it with.
Others do not support me
This one is common, and our response is always the same: Ask yourself the following: "Why don't I look for support within myself? Everything else will be a bonus."

Such reasoning might not only help you make a decision in this particular situation! Instead, it might become a point of no return for your practice and business development.
Difficult time
The events taking place in the world do not bring anything new. They do NOT bring more uncertainty. But if you doubted whether you were or were not lost - it is now clear that you are.

If you don't have a system in business and thinking, these events might bring even more confusion. The absence of a system might hit your head but also hurt your wallet.

Companies that continue to grow regardless of external events do not practice magic and sorcery. They create products, manage teams, and do marketing.

All that distinguishes them is a different view of the world, events, consequences, and opportunities.

They do not think like most people but rely on alternative ways of thinking. Alternative thinking patterns are based on adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability! In situations where the usual tools don't work, you can only continue to grow by systematically working with your own thinking and business processes.

With our support, you can now master these models and continue to grow. Or you can wait for the moment when further delay becomes unbearable.
I will wait for the next launch
We do not know when the next launch will be, so there is simply nowhere to postpone.
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