You are just a step away

from phenomenal happiness and peak performance

Make this step now

You are just a step away

from phenomenal happiness and peak performance

- Make this step now -

Your life performance management team.

Think Meta is

a complete mental health and life performance management platform.
We help you achieve peak life performance by using MCP™ (Metacognitive Programming) and precision medicine.
We believe that every human deserves a life full of achievement and profound satisfaction and this is our mission as a company.

How we help:

Think Meta is your partner for personalized emotional health, mental resilience and life performance.
  • ​Our coaches, therapists and physicians are using the latest research in neuroscience, biomedicine and psychology to get you to your peak performance in life or to help you stay there. 
  • ​We train your body and mind to help you become a life’s top athlete. 
  • ​Your body, your relationships, your business or career, your emotional self regulation will finally work for you the way you always wanted. 
say that their experience with the
MCP COACH CHANGED THEIR LIFE hour after the session, I understand where's the problem with thinking and why I devalue everything! It's as if someone had doused me with cold water, and I began to see better.
My glass is clean! I saw the point!
 …I cried after the last session. I hadn't done so in a long time, so I was happy with my tears. Our session is unlike typical coaching. It's not a series of identical questions. It is more like a conversation with a loved one, in which I began hearing my thoughts. The session ends, but the clarity remains. Undoubtedly, I got closer to a state of joyful calmness.
 …at the session, I discovered a thought I believed in 120%. Believing in it prevented me from increasing my modest earnings for six years. My brain was very resistant to parting with it. As if the thought was a reality. Then the coach asked a question that helped me immediately separate myself from this thought and see it from the side. It turned out that it wasn't me who was insignificant and unable to earn more. It was a thought in which, for some reason, I believed all these years! My old paradigms are collapsing, and I'm enjoying it immensely.
 …some unimaginable changes are taking place within me. My days have become longer. I stopped trying to keep up with everything, but I have time for the most important. I feel like I have more space. Physically, I feel as if I'm breathing deeper. I realized how much energy I had and still have. I just used to spend it in the wrong place. I realized that love is not about controlling and helping. Love is about believing that everything about your beloved is perfectly enough. I have taken on a new project and have already taken on my first client for business coaching. Now I have an impossible goal!

How do we do that exactly?

Think Meta focuses on three pillars of human’s life performance: 
strength, flexibility and endurance
emotional self regulation and mental resilience
Life satisfaction:
flow state, highly functional relationships, positive emotionality through relaxation, meaningful work and material success
 To help you establish all three pillars in order to have a legendary life, a team of preventive medicine doctors, body conditioning coaches, nutritionists and life performance coaches works together to get you to undreamt possibilities. 
 This whole approach is called metacognitive programming (MCP), a framework created by our founder, renown therapist and performance coach, author of 50 plus books and coaching programs, Misha Saidov. 
What is MCP (™)
Metacognitive Programming (MCP) is a therapeutic and life coaching method that focuses on understanding current cognition and shifts unsuccessful cognitive programs to those that better serve us in achieving desired outcomes. The basic premise of MCP is that our behavior results directly from thinking.
MCP coaches and therapists work with you, one-on-one and in group sessions, on changing your thinking patterns. By doing so, they impact your life results.
It is quick, to the point, and immensely effective method.

Everyone needs guidance.
Everyone sometimes need a push.

Best CEOs, Olympic athletes, political elites, and celebrities have whole teams around themselves. They look, feel and perform better than others because their top teams work with them every day.

You deserve the same. Everyone deserves a better life, and you are no different. It's a fundamental right of human dignity.

Shoulder to shoulder, we will be walking together, figuring out your life problems together. We will work on your cognition until we bring you an impressive result. 
And we will give you a top team of coaches and physicians to make you get to your peak and stay there. 
  • ​Never again will you be alone, having no one to give you highly competent and loving advice. 
  • ​Never again will you stay confused for long. 
  • ​Never again will you feel stuck at a dead end.

Our mission

is to change the quality of human experience one conversation at a time.

Our clients come to us to:




their bodies










feeling better


from trauma


Start living
in a flow


a strong body


Regulate and process their emotions



The minimum commitment is one year

 note that you can drop out at any time if you don’t enjoy the process.

You are just a step away from sheer happiness and life satisfaction!

Make this step now!

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